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Focusing on learning through hands-on activities and play. 

Infant Program

8 weeks to 12 months old 

Our infant program will provide babies with opportunities to learn about their environment through exploration. Infants will learn at their own pace through touching, tasting, and vocalizing. Your babies needs and schedule will remain consistent with their schedule at home. Activities  will be created by staff to develop your babies social, cognitive, and motor skills.

Waddler & Toddler Program

13 months to 36 months old

Our waddler/toddler program will provide guidance in a warm and nurturing way to help foster the transition from infancy to an independent toddler. Our goal is to create interactive activities to improve an awareness of other's feelings, develop social/emotional and gross/fine motor, and language skills.  

Preschool Program

Three to Five years old 

The preschool program will consist of appropriate hands-on learning experiences. Important concepts taught promotes social/emotional, physical, language and literacy, creative arts, mathematics, science, cognition and social studies development. 

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